Durch's Advanced Fighting Systems

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Client Testimonials

Quotes Training with Dave has made a huge difference in my self-confidence and my ability to defend myself. My occupation/career is in the Security field and i am currently studying to go into law enforcement so being able to effectively defend myself is crucial. i have trained in Gracie jiu-jitsu,American Kenpo and tae kwon do and the system Dave teaches works the best for me hands down. Quotes
Justin Meade

Quotes Thanks for sahrnig. Always good to find a real expert. Quotes

Quotes Thanks for the great lesson and awesome workout! Slept like a rock! Out of all the systems I've studied, this is the only one that is training for the reality of what happens in the street. I look forward to many more lessons! Quotes
John T. Stamm

Quotes Just when you think you have seen everything Sifu Dave Durch will come along and just completely blow your mind This guy has a solution for any situation Quotes

Quotes "Training with Dave has changed my life in many ways. Dave is Not just A great teacher But a great friend. I would recommend anyone looking to better their self in the Martial Arts world Advanced Fighting Systems Is the Place for you.." Quotes

Quotes We have attended several Seminars put on by Dave Durch. And I can honestly say My self and my students learned more in 3 days than most could in 2 weeks. Dave Durch is really raising the standards in mixed martial arts. Quotes