Durch's Advanced Fighting Systems

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Dave's IMDB profile

Dave Durch                                                   SAG eligible

 4082 North Leavitt Rd                                

Warren, Ohio 44485                                    Height 5'7

 E-mail [email protected]                   Weight 160lbs

www.advancedfightingsystems.net              Hair brown/blonde

 330-240-4009                                             Eyes Blue



 Actor/Martial Artist/Stunts                                                DVD'S/Videos


"Boot Tracks" -   Directed by David Jacobson 

 Madeieine Molyneaux

 "Turn of Faith" - Ray Mancini, Youngstown, Ohio              Fight choreography/fight stunts

"Who's Eating You" - Those Hollywood Stunts,                   & Directed by Dave Durch

"Art of Combat" - G&A Media Group,                                Wing Chun for MMA

"InterActive Workout"-                                                      Kicking -Century Martial Arts

"Go DJ" - Lil Wayne                                                             Punching - Century Martial Arts
"Emotional Reload" - Art Burd Jr.
"Rapture" - Johnny Wu                                                        Trapping- Century Martial Arts

"Art of Disrespect" - Art Burd Jr.                                       Grappling- Century Martial Arts

                                                                                          Sparring- Century Martial Arts

                                                                                          Weapons- A.F.S Productions  

                                                                                           Attributes 1 A.F.S Productions

                                                             Attributes of a street fight

                                                                                             - A.F.S Productions

                                                         Common sense to self defense

                                                         -A.F.S Productions

                                                                  Rapid Assault Termination

                                                                                         -A.F.S Productions


"The Guardian" 2003CBS Series,

Grand Va Production,
CBS Associates.

"Good Morning America" with Rich Morgan, TV 27, Youngstown, Ohio

"Sports Challenge" Channel 5, Cleveland, Ohio

"Extra" FOX 19, Cleveland, Ohio

"Good Morning" WYTV 33, Youngstown, Ohio

"Morning Show" WFMJ TV 21, Youngstown, Ohio


 "Interactive Workout" G&A Media Group

 'Fitness & Training"  G&A Media Group

 "In shape" A.F.S Production

"Feel safe & In Shape" A.F.S. Production

 Over 50  Martial art training videos on www.youtube.com



WANR Radio 1570, Warren, Ohio-- Dave Durch Live Talk Show 

aired for three years with; Cynthia Rothrock, Don "TheDragon!" Wilson,

Billy Blanks, Michael DePasquali, Danny Lane, Joe Bonacci, Joe Hess,

Mike Jones, Eric Lee and many more...


Various Plays- Maranatha Church, Warren, Ohio




Jeet Kune Do Concepts (Bruce Lee).

Kali - Eskrima - Arnis (Filipino Stick,Knife and Empty Hand Fighting).
Muay Thai ( Thailand's Kickboxing).
 French Savate (French Kickboxing).
Wing Chun (Chinese Gung-Fu).
Dumong (Filipino Wrestling).
Certified Instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts.
Black Belt Tae Kwon Do.
Black Belt Kao Kushin Kai.
Brown Belt American Karate.

Weapon's expert.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


Catch catch a can.


Certified Trainer for Ohio Police Academy

Trained Trumbull County S.W.A.T. Team

Professional KickBoxer

Fight Choreography for  Screen

Fight Stunts for Screen

Martial Arts Video series written, directed and performed  by Dave Durch


Martial Arts Star Search Competition, Cleveand, Ohio.

- Judges; Cynthia Rothrock, Eric Lee and Tom Smith.

State,Regional and National Kickboxing Titles, Retired Undefeated.

Screen Action Stunt Association $ Stunts and more-

4th Place for Action Flimmaking Camp.

Best Fight Choreography and Acting Routine

Four time Inductee "Martial Arts Hall of Fame"

Inducted "American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame"      

Those Hollywood Stunts.